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Update time : 2020-02-20 17:27:42
It's time we talked about the commercial grade LED strip we offer, right? LED strip lighting has fast become one of the most popular lighting options on the market and unfortunately, has been drowned in low cost and quality tape lights. We have had many calls asking, what makes your strip different? A huge percentage of our customers are looking to change their existing strip lighting due to the fact theirs has failed within 12 months, loss or brightness or voltage drop running in long lengths. This is where we have the solution. We have spent a lot, and we mean A LOT of time, effort and resources to ensure we only supply the best quality lighting available.

Things to look out for when buying LED Strip Lights

PCB Thickness – This is one of the most important factors when buying LED strips. The copper thickness should always be 3oz and above. Having thick cooper ensures that electricity can easily flow through LED tape lights. If you do not have enough copper, like with many knock of strips you can purchase for a cheap price, there will be an increased risk of electrical resistance, heat builds up which then leads to voltage drop, loss of brightness and more often than not – early LED failure. 
CRI (Colour Rendering Index) – This is a very important factor to consider before buying lighting. Essentially the CRI of an LED helps to light your home in true colour. So if you find yourself struggling to see if you're picking a navy or black jumper, this is more than likely because the current lighting you have in your home has a low CRI. The rating scales from 0-100, 100 being how the colours would appear under direct sunlight. When buying LED strip lights, never go below CRI 80. Our commercial grade range of strip lighting ranges from 90-95 CRI – the best on the market. 
Mounting options  - When buying LED strips, we always recommend to mount into aluminium profile. This is to help with heat dissipation. 
LEDs Per Metre – This is another essential point to keep a close eye on when buying LED tape. Ultimately, the more LEDs per metre, the less spotting you will see. With lower wattage strip lights such as 4.8W, you should look for 60 LEDs/m. As your wattage increased, so should the number of LEDs. Our high-end range goes from 60 all the way to 300 LEDs per metre. 


Gel and Fluorescent Powder -  Our factories only use top brand glue from Japan Shin-Etsu or US Dow Corning, and phosphor power from
US Intematix.
Gold Wiring – Here we use gold wiring. Heraeus gold wire 99.9% purity at a diameter of 1.0UM or above ensures better heat
resistance and durability.
LED Chip – If you notice your LED chips are round, small sized, sliced or with undisclosed branding it is probably more than likely
your Epistar chip is fake. Here we use Epistar branded LED chips for high performance and CRI.


LED Lead Frame – Taiwanese Ethyl brand, non-reconditioned plastic and 100% purity copper LED frame increases longevity.
Most knock of LED strips are manufactured using low-quality nozzle plastic and iron lead frames increasing the risk of failure significantly.
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